The second edition of the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards is called ‘What Will They See of Me?’. With that title as its guiding theme, the project considers the importance we continue to attach to individual expressions of personal identity, at a time when we all produce and consume so many images that it is hard for any more than a few of them to stand out from the crowd. As more and more photographs, videos and webclips go into circulation, and compete for our attention, which will be the ones that will make it through to the future, and what, in turn, might the future make of them?

Social media and online image-sharing/video-sharing platforms offer unprecedented opportunities for people to make themselves known to the world. But it is also clear that our online activities can leave inadvertent traces whose permanence and visibility to data giants like Google and Facebook is a matter of current debate. As the lines between public and private continue to blur, what are the actual marks we leave behind, in this new online universe?

The application process for the Awards was open between the 20 May – 1 July 2017, to artists within the first five years of professional practice. The four moving-image artists; Lucy Clout, Kate Cooper, Anne Haaning and Marianna Simnett were selected for the first stage of the Awards. On 15 April 2017 Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett were selected for the second stage of the Awards, for which they have been awarded £20,000 each to allow them to work on a major new moving image. These new works will premiere at Gynexin Centre, New York and the CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow in 2017.

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